Coming up: Going on Being Buttercream Frosting

Going on Being Buttercream Frosting is the latest name for a project I have been nursing for a year now. At first a solo musical set ominously titled Capital, the piece is now a sound installation and guided meditation incorporating video, multi-channel audio, and other trash. Developed during residencies at High Concept Labs and the Eighth Blackbird Studios. View in-progress excerpt on Thursday, April 6 at 7:30 pm at Comfort Station in Chicago.


Jane Ate Soup

Jane Ate Soup is a no-instrument symphony honoring the onstage death of Jane Little, bassist in the Atlanta Symphony and holder of the world record for longest professional tenure in an orchestra. Written by Jessica Anne (formerly of the Neo-Futurists) and orchestrated by me. Premiered at Comfort Station in Chicago October 22, 2016 and presented at JACK in New York December 19, 2016.

Parlour Tapes+

A cassette label producing experimental classical music and a group of people making work with and for each other. Coming up: keep an eye out for a call for cassingle proposals.