Deidre Huckabay is a Chicago-based performer, writer, photographer, and event producer. Her work reflects a solitary, interior world, drawing on a musical life that requires long hours alone and listening. She tends to make work that undermines authorship by evoking ritual, employing improvisation and surrealist techniques, and invoking the spectator's personal history.

Deidre is co-owner of the experimental cassette tape label Parlour Tapes+ and a member of the Chicago-based composer-performer collective Mocrep. She is co-curator of the We Series at Elastic Arts, founder of Spiderf*rt Press, and a contributor to Cacophony Magazine.

Deidre is a 2017 3Arts Make a Wave Grantee and a High Concept Labs Sponsored Artist. In 2017, she received a full year studio and rehearsal residency from the Eighth Blackbird Chicago Artists Workshop.

As a flutist, Deidre has extensively toured the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. She plays with Manual Cinema and has recorded for Urtext and Bridge Records. She holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music and Duquesne University.

Deidre can be reached at deidre dot huckabay at gmail dot com.

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